Luca Rallo is Brandtopia's Founder

Journalist since 2004, always communicator, with a background in basketball, in 2017 I started my career as a freelance consultant. After two years of VAT registration as a freelancer, I realized a little big dream: to create my communication agency through a liquid and functional business model. On 9 January 2020 Brandtopia is born, my kingdom where brands and professionals meet to carry out projects of excellence.

Luca Rallo, founder of Brandtopia, in the last 5 years has participated in dozens of events of national importance as a social influencer, journalist, blogger and speaker. Trainer for several academies in the field of digital marketing, he has built a team of professionals with whom he has managed to generate successful communication, marketing and influencer marketing campaigns.


Today Luca Rallo offers Influencer Marketing and Digital PR consultations for companies and freelancers who intend to give visibility to their brand. Specialized on Twitter, also very active on LinkedIn and Instagram, often sharing moments of his personal and professional life on social networks. For many years he has also worked as a lecturer for several academies in the field of digital marketing.

Digital Entrepreneur

In its second year of activity, Brandtopia has already successfully carried out numerous projects in the field of communication and marketing, but also of content creation and social advertising, and is always looking for new professionals to be included in the staff as external consultants to collaborate on large-scale projects with important companies on the national scene. If you want to apply, contact us by filling out the form below.

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